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Min Jiang at Dempsey

The award-winning Min Jiang restaurant continues to expand its footprint with the opening of Min Jiang at Dempsey. Set amidst the luscious greens of Dempsey Hill, this is the second independent restaurant that Goodwood Park Hotel fully manages off-site.

Housed in a 5,000 square foot black and white one-storey colonial building with a main dining area, 3 private dining rooms, a timber decked alfresco for outdoor dining and a cosy bar, there will be ample space for 110 guests. It is also a lovely venue choice for couples who wish to hold their wedding in a unique location.

Celebrated architect and interior designer, Ernesto Bedmar, has cleverly chosen elements of gold, yellow and green for a hint of glamour, combining it with clean, minimalistic lines to achieve a perfect blend of oriental charm and chic modern style. Sleek marbled surfaces, chinoiserie interiors and contemporary furnishings reflect a refined sophistication for an enjoyable dining experience.

Featuring contemporary Sichuan and Cantonese fare, the house specialities include the authentic Beijing Duck prepared according to an ancient Chinese recipe, the exquisitely prepared dim sums as well as roast meats.

In line with the latest tightened COVID-19 safety measures, please be informed that our restaurants are offering curated menus for takeaways and deliveries. Please place your orders online (for Hotel restaurants | for Min Jiang at Dempsey) or contact us for more information. 

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