Flourishing Prosperity Tier步步登高(糕点礼盒)

Indulge in eight pairs of dainty entremets, intricately crafted into auspicious icons of different colours, shapes and designs by Goodwood Park Hotel’s pastry chefs. Presented in an impressive packaging designed to resemble a bonsai, it is a statement piece for convivial festive gatherings.

Each tier set comprises 16 pastries with 2 pieces per flavour:
Mascarpone Firecracker Roulade filled with adzuki beans and Chantilly cream
Kumquat Money Bag Pound Cake with fondant exterior to resemble a bountiful money bag
Chocolate 福 Cupcake topped with a fondant ‘福’ character
Jasmine Peach Spring Blossom on Chocolate Pâte Sucrée with almond sponge, peach compote and white chocolate mousse topped with white chocolate flowers
Sticky Date Pudding with white chocolate glaze, Chantilly cream and chocolate carrot decoration
Orange Choux Puff filled with orange-flavoured custard and shaped to resemble the fruit
Red Berries Crumble Tartlet filled with almond cream and raspberries, and topped with red sponge crumble
Golden Pineapple Basque Tart with freshly homemade pineapple jam enveloped in an almond crust and topped with gold ‘福’ white chocolate decoration

A Lunar New year dessert display at Goodwood Park Hotel

‘Fu Lu Shou’ Buns Tier Set福禄寿祝贺礼盒

Savour house-made steamed buns elegantly presented in a packaging designed like a Chinese-style display cabinet, the ‘Fu Lu Shou’ Buns Tier is the ideal meaningful festive gift. The 3 different buns by Min Jiang’s dim sum chefs are made to represent blessings of happiness, prosperity and longevity respectively.

Each tier set comprises 18 buns with 6 pieces per flavour:
• Salted egg yolk custard with a vibrant ‘福’ stamped on pristine white skin
• Red bean paste with Japanese green tea-infused skin topped with gold flakes
• Longevity buns filled with white lotus seed paste and coconut flakes

How to pre-order the Chinese New Year Tier Sets (and other festive takeaways!)

For delivery or self-collection orders:
• Place your pre-orders online at:

For self-collection orders only:
Download the Lunar New Year Treasures 2023 Brochure and Takeaway Form and email to the respective outlets.

Advance 5 days’ notice is required for all delivery/self-collection orders. Last Pre-Order Date: 31 January 2023.

The Deli (6730 1786)
Visit The Deli from 10am to 7pm (4 January – 5 February) for direct purchases or collection of pre-orders from 10am to 6pm

Min Jiang (6730 1704)
Self-collection timing: 11.30am to 2.30pm; 3.30pm to 5.30pm

Min Jiang at Dempsey (6774 0122)
Self-collection timing: 11.30am to 2.30pm; 5.30pm to 8.30pm
Collection on 21 January only from 11.30am to 5.30pm

Address: 7A & 7B Dempsey Road


Festive Dining (4 January – 5 February 2023)

Goodwood Park Hotel is also offering sumptuous dining specials for this festive season! Feast on an array of sumptuous set menus and lavish buffets at the hotel’s renowned dining establishments.

View information here.